Friday, November 6, 2009

New beginnings, Anniversaries, & LEAKS!

Ok, so it has been a long while since I last posted. I have been outrageously busy & don't even remember where I left off.

To start things off, we noticed about 2 months ago that our water bill was a little higher than normal ($41) and thought ok, maybe it was because we were watering flowers & such?? Then...$200!!!!! SOMETHING was wrong. We had a plumber come by for a consultation & turns out we had a leak in the pipe on the outside of the house going TO the meter. It was our responsibility to fix it...not something we wanted to hear, BUT we needed to do something about it. He gave us an estimate of $1385 and I needed a crash cart to start my heart back up, haha. I called my dad for advice & turns out he just replaced his a couple of years ago & would come by to start digging. PHEW...relief!!! He called a friend of his (he has SOOOO many contacts) and got us a hookup for free copper pipe (apparently that is the mac-daddy of piping). The whole thing was going to cost us TIME...nothing more! :) I thank God everyday for my wonderful family. My dad & dad-in-law dug & dug until finally they made it to the house! Now to lay the pipe. Mike and I have been having to turn our water off & on as we needed it from the meter which is a huge pain & very inconvenient! Tomorrow it will be fixed & we will have our water back to normal.

We had a few celebrations since my last post. Some friends of ours are having a baby at the end of this month...Jakson Earnest Burfitt! We can't WAIT for him to come! I went to their baby shower a couple of months ago and are headed over tonight for hamburgers on the grill!

My best friend growing up as well as Mike's best friend growing up got married the day before the baby shower I attended. They recently had a baby (I say recently, but it was back in March) Laney Iylene Honeycutt and decided to tie the knot and make it official. :) We are so happy for all of our friends & their new beginnings.

Shortly after, Mike and I celebrated our 1-year anniversary!!! Mike had a big bouquet of wildflowers sent to my office the Friday before. They were beautiful!!! Saturday night we went to Chops steakhouse & it was wonderful! We would definitely go again and recommend to our friends. Sunday (the day OF) we spent all day doing lots of yard work & cleaning up. My little brother, Joey came over to help so we treated him to sushi & a movie afterwards.

It's a tradition of ours to attend the Apple Festival up in Ellijay (where my Nanne resides), so Mike and I headed up to visit my grandmother & do some apple shopping. :) Of course we headed home with a 1/2 peck of delicious apples & shared with friends who weren't able to make it due to sickness. :)

Mike's soccer is ALMOST over. We have 1 more weekend after this weekend of games & I am SOO anxious for the end of it. Soccer takes up so much of our time and I feel disconnected from friends throughout the whole season! Ick. I do feel blessed that Mike has the opportunity to do what he loves & share his passion for the sport with children who are willing to learn. It's also great practice for when we have our own little soccer player. :)