Sunday, February 7, 2010

140 BPM!!! :)

Mike and I had our first ultrasound on January 20 to see the heartbeat and get a more accurate due date (August 30, 2010). My mom met us there to get the first glimpse of our little miracle in the making. :) The heartbeat was 140 beats per minute which (according to some) is right in the middle...low end for a girl, high end for a boy. That method didn't work to give us an idea of what we can expect to start decorating & preparing for, but hopefully in a few weeks we will know for sure!

Our next appointment is February 5 and they will be doing more tests...I have a feeling I will need to get used to all of the anticipation of what each appointment will bring.

My "morning" sickness has pretty much subsided with the exception of a few bouts per day. As I am approaching 12 weeks it should go away for good and hopefully it WILL!