Monday, January 31, 2011

5 months!


So, Kaydee Brooke turned 5 months old on Saturday! We celebrated with the most beautiful day of the year (it's only January, I understand, but really-I don't know how it could get any better). We went to Atlantic Station just so that we could take advantage of being outside in all of this & Kaydee thoroughly enjoyed herself! We shopped & dined & had a grand time while passers-by commented on how cute my little girl was. (She is really) Bug stocked up on some Old Navy clothes for this Summer as well as next! We stopped by The Dump for the first time as well & I must admit-I was disappointed. I expected ... actually, I don't know WHAT I expected-just not what we got.

We spent our Sunday morning visiting Grandparents & friends. GREAT Friends whom we have missed so much.

Update on KB at 5 mos-


**Sleeps through the night MOST nights. We have to put a paci in her mouth sometimes, but she just drifts right back to sleep.

**Sleeps in her own room in her own crib with no problems. We were afraid of this transition (well, I was-Mike was over ready), because she had such trouble staying asleep on her back, but it was a very SMOOTH transition & we are so happy it has happened.

**Wears 3-6 month clothes for the most part, but can fit into a couple of 6-9 month outfits. I am going to be sad when she outgrows this size, because they are so cute on her!

**Eats from a spoon with NO problems now! She has had sweet potatoes & green beans & loves both of them. We have tried fruit & she seems to dislike the fruit, but we will keep trying it! Bananas were her breakfast this morning & she seemed to like them ok, but we will try again tomorrow morning!


**Drinks 5 oz from her bottle. She has been on 5 oz for a while now, but seems to do just fine with it.

**Tummy time is a bust EVERY time! She isn't close to rolling over, & doesn't even try, ha! We will continue to put her on her tummy. I guess crawling is not in our near future!

**Still loves to stand & will walk up Mike's chest with his assistance (another reason I believe she will walk way before she crawls)

**Loves to read (or loves us to read to her). She likes to feel all of the pages & gets upset once the book is closed & out of her reach. She tries to rip the pages off of the soft books that she chews paper pages for a while. ;)

**Beautiful as ever.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Kaydee slept ALL night last night on MY night!!!! It was absolutely wonderful, even though I was up quite a bit listening to her breathe & shoving a paci in her mouth once or twice. :) I kept waiting for her to cry and when the alarm clock went off at 6am, I rejoiced in the fact that for the first time in 4 1/2 months, I was not up with the third shift folks feeding a baby!!!

Some time last week, I realized in all of the sweet little girl clothes in Kaydee's closet & filling up her drawers (and there are LOTS of them), we are short on 12 mo+ clothes. Once she hits that size, her wardrobe will have depleted signifantly. Now, I have thoroughly enjoyed having the best dressed baby girl so today after work, it's time to spend my $200 worth of gymbucks!!! :) Mom and I are going to Gymboree to do some damage to our bank account! On that same note...

When the two of us were discussing this, we suddenly realized how shallow we sounded. We were so worried about Kaydee's perfect little wardrobe when there are SO many others in the world that are much more worried about where their next meal will come from. It hit us hard and we decided that WHEN we win the lottery, at least half of our winnings will go to helping children around the world. But until then, we will start giving as much as we can to those who help the ones in need. I don't know if it's the blog I read ( and her efforts to a cause close to her heart that is making me feel like I should be much more charitable, but I do. Don't get me wrong...I donate every chance I get when the person at Publix or PetSmart asks if I would like to donate to their charity fund and I like to give AT LEAST $5 at a time. I know that adds up, but if I could do more, why wouldn't I??

I want to raise Kathryn in a home where she appreciates all that she is given & realizes how important it is to care for and love the rest of the world, including those less fortunate & in need of our help. I think about that often...will she have a kind heart and feel for those in need??? I will do the absolute best that I can to make sure she is! If nothing else, I want my daughter & the rest of my children-to-be to know how important it is to give...if money isn't an option, to give her time, energy & blessings to those who are without every day!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Another first!

I am doing a post while laying in bed on my phone. Laying in my room with NO baby laying on the bassinet beside me!!! It's somewhat of a bittersweetness. I say this because I actually enjoyed just taking a quick glance at my sleeping angel. This is Kaydee's second night on her own. This was a big step, but certainly a very important step that was completely necessary. Her sweet Heath's aren't too far, though as I have the monitor set very loud in order to hear her with each Tony breath she takes.

Goodnight my sweet baby!

Monday, January 10, 2011


First some pictures from this past week:

As anticipated, we got lots of snow last night. Mike and I were getting little boog to sleep when we looked outside to see a white blanket draped over our landscape. We whipped the camera out for some pictures of the previously fore casted 'blizzard' we were experiencing. Not quite the blizzard as expected, but snowy & wintry nonetheless. Mom and I did hit Costco & Kroger Saturday to stock up on essentials since neither mine nor Mike's cars was making it past the first stop sign in our subdivision.

Upon waking up this morning, we let Rocky out as usual and he had a very hard time in the snow. It was quite humorous! :) He was having trouble pulling his legs in and out as he walked. :) (Didn't get any pics of that one, but wish I had)

Once we got all suited up & ready to hit the snow, we went out to let Kathryn have her first snow experience. I am pretty sure she enjoyed it, because while we were getting her bundled up, she started to fuss and the second we stepped outside, all was well in her world. She just glanced all over & had the most amazed look on her face. I am not sure if it was the white that had replaced the dead or if she just couldn't catch her breath from all of the cold air entering her lungs. Either way, she looked amused. :)

I just got word that we aren't expected to be done from this tomorrow either, so it looks like we will have another snow day tomorrow. I love being home with my little!

Friday, Mike had a poker night with his buddies and I managed to snap a COUPLE of pictures before they all called me out & made me stop. ;) I try to tell Mike I want to capture every moment while we are young so that we can look back and remember what "used to be". If not for our sake, but for our little ones' sake so they can all make fun of our hair & clothes as we do now with our parents.

Till next time,

Thursday, January 6, 2011

4 months

So, my little one had her 4 month check up yesterday...always a treat! :/ She had to get 3 vaccines, two of which were shot into her leg. I don't remember her being so tender last time in the shot spot, but this time has been terrible for her. The slightest graze by her leg & she screams in agony. It breaks me! The doctor also checked her ears since she is so congested this week & found the start of an ear fun. So, she is now on an antibiotic along with tylenol for her painful leg AND a probiotic to mix into her milk to counter act the yeast in the antibiotic. She is a walking medicine cabinet, I tell ya!

On a brighter note, she is a long one! She measure 25 inches & is in the 70th percentile for height! (YAY!-I always hoped my children would not get my stump syndrome.) She is 13.5 lbs & in the 50th percentile for weight and the poor thing looks as though she has a monsterous head, but really, it's quite small in the 25th percentile! She showed off her tricks & lack of tricks, lol. She doesn't roll over which she should be doing by now, so the doctor gave us some tips on how to promote the tummy time with her & to help her enjoy it more...she presently HATES tummy time & either cries or falls asleep while in that position. In the meantime, she did show off what the doctor called a VERY big girl trick by standing so sturdy & straight and even raising up on her toes while standing! (I'm so proud) So, at this point it seems my child will walk long before she learns to crawl, lol.

We also got the go ahead to start spoon-feeding again. She didn't seem to fare too well with it last time, so we are able to start it up again since she seems more than ready. I'll post pictures of that later. We didn't start it yesterday since she wasn't feeling too well, but we will give it a shot tonight with cereal.

At 4 months, Kaydee:

>Can do the Superman on her tummy for as long as she stays quiet. She tries to lift off her arms, but prefers to just lift her arms, chest & legs up.

>Drinks 4-5 oz of formula every 3-4 hours

>Gets a bath every night at 9pm & takes her bottle at 9:15ish to fall asleep by 9:45 and sleeps until about 3 or 4 and takes her bottle & goes back to sleep until we are ready to get up...we've had a couple of nights stretch to 5:30, but never an all-nighter.

>LOVES to stand...she will stand as long as you can handle letting her

>Giggles when you tickle her neck or armpits. I do kissy-monster in her neck & it gets her EVERY time. I love it! I think I wear her out with it, because she gets tired of it long before I do. :) I have even gotten a giggle from silly voices this week!

>Smiles SO much more...she loves to be changed on her changing table & will just lie there and talk to you.

>Loves to talk. So funny, because she usually looks so serious when she is talking like she is trying to have a serious conversation with you. We gossip about her friends at school, lol. She tells me ALL about them. :)

>Wears 3-6 month clothes (good thing-she has lots of them & they are SOOO cute). I think this size has the cutest of her wordrobe.

>She sits in her jumper with ease & loves to touch all of the colorful toys attached to it.

>HANDS HANDS HANDS! She LOVES to eat her hands, clasp her hands in front of her, and touch things.

>Slobbers like CRAZY. I thought the teething thing would wait a while, but she is chewing on everything she can hold. She blows LOTS of bubbles as dad even calls her BUBBLES. :)

We plan on putting Kaydee in her own bed starting this weekend. I hope she fares well.

Well, Mike is having his first poker night since Kaydee came along & we will see how it goes. I hope the boys aren't loud enough to wake her.

Till next update,

Sunday, January 2, 2011

What a year, what a life!

Well, as we wrap up the end of the most life changing year of my entire life, I have decided I am two things...grateful & full of love.

I never knew there was love so great as the one you feel for such a tiny soul that I call mine... Kathryn Brooke Summers.

2010 was such a wonderful year where I celebrated many moments:

The last day of 2009, I discovered I was going to be a mommy and looked so forward to that moment when I could meet her tiny face!

I celebrated my 24th birthday with so many of our friends.

We had a great time fixing up our nursery anticipating the arrival of our first child.

We had the birth of our perfect child on 8-29-10...the day our lives changed forever.

Later, we soon learned we would be expecting another baby (I say we, but it is actually another Baby Burfitt)! We are super stoked & can't wait to meet Jakson's new baby!

Kaydee started her first day of school and soon came down with her first illnesses which included a number of things...double ear infection, head cold, and RSV. NO FUN! But, she got through it (as did Mike and I) and she is now happy as can be!

Little Bug celebrated her first Thanksgiving & Christmas and had a White Christmas-first since 1881! (We didn't get any pics of her IN the snow-we were too scared of getting her sick again.)

My best friend, Christina came to visit us & meet baby Kathryn for the first time after Christmas. We had a very good time & laughed (as usual) and played like old times.

These are some VERY proud grandparents!

I hope 2011 brings as much joy to our lives as 2010 had.