Monday, January 10, 2011


First some pictures from this past week:

As anticipated, we got lots of snow last night. Mike and I were getting little boog to sleep when we looked outside to see a white blanket draped over our landscape. We whipped the camera out for some pictures of the previously fore casted 'blizzard' we were experiencing. Not quite the blizzard as expected, but snowy & wintry nonetheless. Mom and I did hit Costco & Kroger Saturday to stock up on essentials since neither mine nor Mike's cars was making it past the first stop sign in our subdivision.

Upon waking up this morning, we let Rocky out as usual and he had a very hard time in the snow. It was quite humorous! :) He was having trouble pulling his legs in and out as he walked. :) (Didn't get any pics of that one, but wish I had)

Once we got all suited up & ready to hit the snow, we went out to let Kathryn have her first snow experience. I am pretty sure she enjoyed it, because while we were getting her bundled up, she started to fuss and the second we stepped outside, all was well in her world. She just glanced all over & had the most amazed look on her face. I am not sure if it was the white that had replaced the dead or if she just couldn't catch her breath from all of the cold air entering her lungs. Either way, she looked amused. :)

I just got word that we aren't expected to be done from this tomorrow either, so it looks like we will have another snow day tomorrow. I love being home with my little!

Friday, Mike had a poker night with his buddies and I managed to snap a COUPLE of pictures before they all called me out & made me stop. ;) I try to tell Mike I want to capture every moment while we are young so that we can look back and remember what "used to be". If not for our sake, but for our little ones' sake so they can all make fun of our hair & clothes as we do now with our parents.

Till next time,

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