Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Kaydee slept ALL night last night on MY night!!!! It was absolutely wonderful, even though I was up quite a bit listening to her breathe & shoving a paci in her mouth once or twice. :) I kept waiting for her to cry and when the alarm clock went off at 6am, I rejoiced in the fact that for the first time in 4 1/2 months, I was not up with the third shift folks feeding a baby!!!

Some time last week, I realized in all of the sweet little girl clothes in Kaydee's closet & filling up her drawers (and there are LOTS of them), we are short on 12 mo+ clothes. Once she hits that size, her wardrobe will have depleted signifantly. Now, I have thoroughly enjoyed having the best dressed baby girl so today after work, it's time to spend my $200 worth of gymbucks!!! :) Mom and I are going to Gymboree to do some damage to our bank account! On that same note...

When the two of us were discussing this, we suddenly realized how shallow we sounded. We were so worried about Kaydee's perfect little wardrobe when there are SO many others in the world that are much more worried about where their next meal will come from. It hit us hard and we decided that WHEN we win the lottery, at least half of our winnings will go to helping children around the world. But until then, we will start giving as much as we can to those who help the ones in need. I don't know if it's the blog I read ( and her efforts to a cause close to her heart that is making me feel like I should be much more charitable, but I do. Don't get me wrong...I donate every chance I get when the person at Publix or PetSmart asks if I would like to donate to their charity fund and I like to give AT LEAST $5 at a time. I know that adds up, but if I could do more, why wouldn't I??

I want to raise Kathryn in a home where she appreciates all that she is given & realizes how important it is to care for and love the rest of the world, including those less fortunate & in need of our help. I think about that often...will she have a kind heart and feel for those in need??? I will do the absolute best that I can to make sure she is! If nothing else, I want my daughter & the rest of my children-to-be to know how important it is to give...if money isn't an option, to give her time, energy & blessings to those who are without every day!


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