Monday, January 31, 2011

5 months!


So, Kaydee Brooke turned 5 months old on Saturday! We celebrated with the most beautiful day of the year (it's only January, I understand, but really-I don't know how it could get any better). We went to Atlantic Station just so that we could take advantage of being outside in all of this & Kaydee thoroughly enjoyed herself! We shopped & dined & had a grand time while passers-by commented on how cute my little girl was. (She is really) Bug stocked up on some Old Navy clothes for this Summer as well as next! We stopped by The Dump for the first time as well & I must admit-I was disappointed. I expected ... actually, I don't know WHAT I expected-just not what we got.

We spent our Sunday morning visiting Grandparents & friends. GREAT Friends whom we have missed so much.

Update on KB at 5 mos-


**Sleeps through the night MOST nights. We have to put a paci in her mouth sometimes, but she just drifts right back to sleep.

**Sleeps in her own room in her own crib with no problems. We were afraid of this transition (well, I was-Mike was over ready), because she had such trouble staying asleep on her back, but it was a very SMOOTH transition & we are so happy it has happened.

**Wears 3-6 month clothes for the most part, but can fit into a couple of 6-9 month outfits. I am going to be sad when she outgrows this size, because they are so cute on her!

**Eats from a spoon with NO problems now! She has had sweet potatoes & green beans & loves both of them. We have tried fruit & she seems to dislike the fruit, but we will keep trying it! Bananas were her breakfast this morning & she seemed to like them ok, but we will try again tomorrow morning!


**Drinks 5 oz from her bottle. She has been on 5 oz for a while now, but seems to do just fine with it.

**Tummy time is a bust EVERY time! She isn't close to rolling over, & doesn't even try, ha! We will continue to put her on her tummy. I guess crawling is not in our near future!

**Still loves to stand & will walk up Mike's chest with his assistance (another reason I believe she will walk way before she crawls)

**Loves to read (or loves us to read to her). She likes to feel all of the pages & gets upset once the book is closed & out of her reach. She tries to rip the pages off of the soft books that she chews paper pages for a while. ;)

**Beautiful as ever.


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