Tuesday, June 7, 2011

9 months old & growing

Kaydee Bug turned 9 months old on May 29th (a week ago...little late). We had a doctor's appointment on the 30th at which time they took her hemoglobin & gave her a hep B shot. Her iron was .5 lower than they prefer it to be, so she is now on poly-vi-sol vitamins each day. I assume it's low becuase she isn't wanting her bottle as much anymore. We try a sippy cup, but she really just prefers to finger-feed herself.

Due to the abnormally large amount of ear infections she has had in the past 7 months, the doc decided Kay-bug was a great candidate for tubes. We left on June 1 at 5am (woke up at 4am...ugh!) to make the trek to Scottish Rite where we had the procedure done. It took no time at all & the worst part of the whole thing was not being able to give her anything to eat until after her surgery. She went back at 7:25 & by 7:45, she was wheeled back into our room & given apple juice. The ENT said there was a lot of thick, yellow mucus behind her ears which is the culprit to all of those awful ear infections she got continuously.

She is doing fantastic now & hears to much more...this also poses a problem at sleep time. She can hear the slightest noise now & wakes up with just Rocky walking down the hall on the hardwood. We'll all get used to it eventually. :)

At 9 months, our little boogy is:

**Starting to get crawling. We haven't baby-proofed, but that is coming this weekend.

**Pulls up on everything. It's time for daddy to adjust her bed so that she doesn't climb up on the rail & roll right over it. There are so many mornings I walk in to get her up & she's already standing there holding her paci hostage dangling it over the bed...SOO funny! She also loves to just stand anywhere holding onto whatever she can. She giggles & has a good time doing that.

**Feeds herself everything. She doesn't know how to use a spoon, so I am still feeding her the purees, but if it can be picked up, she is feeding herself. Even when we sit down to eat dinner, she has to have pieces of bread on her tray to feed herself while I am spoon-feeding her. Otherwise, she is pitching a fit.

**Wearing 12 month clothes. Majority of the 9-month clothes no longer fit, so we are eliminating more clothes from her wardrobe... :( This is the sadest part of having a girl...outgrowing cute clothes.

**She currently weighs 18 lbs 12 oz, 27 3/4 in tall, and 17 3/4 head circumference, which comes out to 50th percentile for all!! She's our average little monkey.

**LOVES to swim! We take her to my in-laws pool on a regular basis & she spends hours upon hours in their pool. Can't wait to take her to the beach! :) Bath time is fun as well. She slips & slides around in it on her little bottom playing with all her squirty toys!

She's such a fun baby & we couldn't be happier. I know people say it all the time, so it's so cliché, but we really cannot imagine a more perfect child to call her own. And now that we have these stupid ear infections under control, she's even more perfect!