Friday, July 30, 2010

And the beat goes on...

Mike and I have pretty much finished up Kaydee's room and gotten completely ready for her arrival. People keep telling me I will start "nesting" soon (organizing, cleaning, etc...) but I have not had the energy to do much of anything. I feel so tired all the time. For the most part, this pregnancy has been fairly easy & I haven't had any issues other than the normal prego symptoms like swollen feet, ankles, & hands and then of course the occasional pains that go along with it. Time has flown by the past 9 months (I'll be 9 months Monday)and now that I am in the home stretch, time has SLOWED DOWN tremendously. This week has been such a long week & I can only imagine the next few weeks will only get longer & more drawn out. We are all so ready to meet little Kathryn & it's all I can think about. Of course it doesn't help that Mike doesn't get home until almost 10pm every night this week and I am stuck at home alone having to 'fend' for myself...something I am ashamed to say I haven't had to do in a long time. ;)

I have gotten all of the baby's things packed for our short hospital stay and I have gotten most of the things I need ready in case it happens any time now (Which my doctor has mentioned is a possibility).

My dad's family had our annual family reunion on July 24 and it this year it doubled as a baby shower for little Kaydee. We got great stuff! I swear, this little girl will NEVER run out of clothes until the time comes for her to buy her own! Little girl clothes are so much fun to buy and I think everyone seems to agree. :) I have a shower with mine and my mom's friends this weekend (August 1) and after that, Mike and I have decided it's time to go purchase the last bit of items we need to make things a little more 'manageable' when she does come...if that is possible. :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's DONE...almost

Mike and I spent all weekend two weeks ago getting Kaydee's room ready for her arrival, since we figured it could really happen anytime (let's hope she stays put for a few more weeks, though). We spent most of the time painting stripes onto the top portion of the wall, which took a couple of days. Then to top it off, we were able to get all of her furniture into her bedroom. After a few moves & changes to layout, we finally got it all moved into the room & it looks so amazing! Mike should be so proud...he did most of the painting while I randomly popped in to supervise & make sure he was doing what I had asked. ;)

The changing table was a gift from my grandmother which we painted & decorated to match the bedroom, while the dresser was a gift from Mike's parents and looks great with the bed we have. :)

Mike and I think Rocky is just as anxious to meet our little girl as we are. After we finished what we could, we went in there to take pictures and found Rocky in there looking out the window. We just know he will be her little body guard and best friend when she gets here. :)

We spent the 4th of July weekend going to the TN Aquarium in Chattanooga on Saturday and then Sunday, the 4th, at the lake with my parents where we closed the night off with fireworks on the lake. I can't wait for Kaydee to get here and watch them.

I am starting to get really anxious about her arrival (and to not be pregnant in this heat anymore), but mostly to meet our little angel.

I bought her first Halloween costume today while out with my cute!!! My grandmother LOVED ladybugs, so her room is in ladybugs and everytime we see something that has to do with them, we always have to get it for little Kaydee. This Halloween, she will be the cutest ladybug trick-or-treating! :)

Tonight we are going to watch some fireworks with Mike's parents and nephews.