Monday, December 27, 2010

Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum

So, Christmas was exactly how I imagined it would be-toys (especially for mommy & daddy-I'll explain later), travel, and family! It was so much fun this year with a little one. We woke up with Kaydee to eat at 6am & went ahead & got ready to head over to Mike's parents' house for the SANTA Christmas. We opened up all of our gifts there which included the most adorable Ladybug rocker for Kaydee and... can't wait... A NEW CAMERA!!! Mike and I have wanted a Digital SLR for years & could never justify spending the money when there are so many other things we need. That was our big Christmas present for the three of us-a NIKON D3100 SLR! :) I had a blast taking hundreds of pictures with our new camera which included a nice camera bag, an additional lens (55-200mm), and an extra capacity SD card.

After that, we left for the Strange's family Christmas which ALWAYS includes breakfast quiche and Christmas music. :) We opened our presents while Kaydee watched in amusement at all of the ruckus going on around her. Mike and I got an essential item all homeowners need-a blower!! After this fall, my parents decided we needed a blower over all else. We have trees in our yard & just kind of let the leaves fall where they may ... and left them, lol. It was too much trouble to keep cleaning leaves up, so we just let them stay...and stay they did and continue to do until the snow lets up.

I was very excited to look out the window at my parents' house to find that Kaydee's first Christmas would be a WHITE CHRISTMAS! It was too cold to take her out and enjoy it at her age, but we looked from the window and she seemed to appreciate it for the most part.

After that, we left for my Uncle Ed's house in Tallapoosa, GA. It was an hour ride in which Kaydee decided she would make us a present as soon as we left. Yes-the ride was a smelly one & we laughed at her laughing about it...she thought it was funny. I had hoped she would nap on the way there, but instead-she pooped. I had her in a cute little Christmas outfit with red snowflake tights & a red onesie with a jean jumper. That quickly came off when we had realized why the smell was so bad in the car! She had gone all over herself!

Such an eventful evening trying to get home in the ice while needing new tires, but we made it & sat home while playing video games and playing with our new toys on Christmas night.

This is what Christmas is all about-good times & enjoying it with family!

And to all a good night!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So, last night we started something new-SPOON-FEEDING! :) Kaydee didn't do too great, but we gave it another shot tonight when we got home. She gets the idea, but doesn't particularly like eating from a spoon-much better tonight. (See pics) After we got word that her BFF, Isabella, had started (she is only 2 days younger than Kaydee) we decided to give it a try. We started her off on bananas & rice cereal mixed with formula (bananas just for taste), so tomorrow I think we will try some veggies. I hope she gets better at this...

On another note-the roads are extremely icy & dangerous. We hardly made it home from picking Kaydee up from school. KAYDEE'S FIRST ICE STORM!! :) If only there were snow on the ground, so a day off could be spent building snowmen & angels. (She may be too young for that yet.)

Kaydee had another first tonight while changing her diaper...SHE GIGGLED. She has given us a couple of little noises while smiling, but tonight-SHE GIGGLED that little baby giggle that we all love so much!! Of course it was at her daddy as she just finds him so hilarious, lol. He kept on with it while she continued to smile & laugh until she got bored with it & turned her head to find something else to admire. Still-SHE GIGGLED! :) :) :)

Kaydee is still talking up a storm ... all the time. She seems to be so camera-shy, so we have to sneak the camera when she starts to talk...we have yet to catch her in a full-on conversation on camera. :( This is as close as we have gotten thus far.

Kaydee 2010 copy

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Workin' for the weekend

I feel like all I do now is work & sleep. I miss being home all day with my baby Bug and having only a couple hours of awake time with her during the week is getting to me! I feel like I am going to miss all of her big important milestones & it's really hard. Weekends have never been more important & all I can think about is getting home to hug and kiss all over her big cheeks.

Mike and I have a party to attend this weekend with our friends. Most people look forward to this time of year to attend holiday parties & leave the kids at home with a sitter or drop them off at Grandma's, but the thought of wasting a weekend night away when I could be home cuddling with Kaydee seems not-so-fun to me anymore! She is growing up so fast & has recently started to get really excited at the sight of mine or Mike's smiles...I don't want to miss anything!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

3 months ALREADY!!

Like the last few posts, it's been a while. :)

I have a bit to catch up on since there has been so much time between my posts. The last time I posted, Mike and I were celebrating our 2-year wedding anniversary. We had a fantastic night at a sushi restaurant in Buckhead (Aja), but I couldn't wait to get home to my baby girl since it was the first time I had left her side for more than the time it takes to hop in & out of the shower (still then I was rushing through my showers). That next month flew by & I kept counting the days until I knew it was time to return to work & send Kaydee to daycare. I was back at work on November 3...the longest day of my life.

I dropped her off at 7:30 that morning since I was to be at work by 8:30. She slept on our way to school & was still asleep when I took her out of her seat to hand her off to the teacher. I wanted so badly for her to be awake so that she would see me go & not wake up thinking I had left her...little to my knowledge-not the case. She had a great day. When we picked her up, she was completely calm & hanging out with the fellow 'students'. I was so anxious to grab her & squeeze her.

It's gotten much much easier to take her in and go through the day without calling the school 10 times to check on her (I KNOW I was driving them crazy although they kept telling me otherwise). I still get so excited to pick her up & I look forward to that moment more than any other moment during the day.

We had our first bout with ear infections last week as well as RSV. I hope that is our LAST time dealing with that virus...she was miserable, in turn making mommy & daddy miserable as well. Our sweet little baby was no longer smiling or happy-she just wanted to cry & sleep all day and I just wanted to do anything I could to make her feel better. Mike kept saying he wished he could inherit the virus to take it away from her. The symptoms were supposed to last for weeks, but she seems to be doing much better now. She is smiling & cooing again & stays awake for more than 10 minutes!!

We had a very different Thanksgiving than we have ever had in the past. With Kaydee being so sick, we had just immediate family dinner at my parents' house + our good friend, Sean! Kaydee was so good for her being so sick.

We just celebrated her 3-month birthday on Monday (Nov 29) and she has changed so much since her birth day. We had some pics taken for Christmas as well as at White Oak Park for her 3-month pictures.

What she's up to now:
>She talks all the time-she is definitely going to be a chatterbox just like her mama!! She says, AGRGLRGGA and aaaagraaaaa.
>Blows bubbles ALL the time!!! We can't keep them off her lips. Once the bubbles are wiped away, she goes OUT of her way to create more. :)
>Bathtime is her favorite time! She can be so upset, but once she enters the bathtub, she just relaxes & splashes her feet to make a water mess all over. :) It makes me smile everytime she does it.
>Anytime I glance down at her while I am holding her (she is usually staring up at me or Mike), she gives us such a big smile like that is all she has been waiting for. We can't help to laugh at her and give her ten million kisses with every tiny smile.
>Although she smiles, she is very stingy with them & is usually giving us a look like we are crazy! All the things we try & do to her to get a smile I'm sure confirm her thoughts. lol
>No rolling over yet, but she tries her hardest to pull herself up when she is sitting in her bouncer or her swing. She flexes those tummy muscles & once she gets herself pulled up a little, she falls right back. I know she can't wait to be able to sit up on her own!
>She finally drinks 4 oz every 3 hours (better than what she was taking-2 oz every 2 hours!!) and wakes up once in the middle of the night for a feeding!

We had her 8-week check-up on November 2 & her stats were as follows:
*10.8 lbs
*23 in.
BOTH in the 50th percentile...along with her head size-which I can't remember at this point. She is just PERFECT!!!

The doctor said her next check up we will talk about spoon-feeding!

She had her last weight taken on November 29 & she weighed 12.1 lbs!!! She's growing so fast!! As much as I can't wait for her milestone moments, I try & enjoy every moment she gives us during each second she is with us! :)