Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So, last night we started something new-SPOON-FEEDING! :) Kaydee didn't do too great, but we gave it another shot tonight when we got home. She gets the idea, but doesn't particularly like eating from a spoon-much better tonight. (See pics) After we got word that her BFF, Isabella, had started (she is only 2 days younger than Kaydee) we decided to give it a try. We started her off on bananas & rice cereal mixed with formula (bananas just for taste), so tomorrow I think we will try some veggies. I hope she gets better at this...

On another note-the roads are extremely icy & dangerous. We hardly made it home from picking Kaydee up from school. KAYDEE'S FIRST ICE STORM!! :) If only there were snow on the ground, so a day off could be spent building snowmen & angels. (She may be too young for that yet.)

Kaydee had another first tonight while changing her diaper...SHE GIGGLED. She has given us a couple of little noises while smiling, but tonight-SHE GIGGLED that little baby giggle that we all love so much!! Of course it was at her daddy as she just finds him so hilarious, lol. He kept on with it while she continued to smile & laugh until she got bored with it & turned her head to find something else to admire. Still-SHE GIGGLED! :) :) :)

Kaydee is still talking up a storm ... all the time. She seems to be so camera-shy, so we have to sneak the camera when she starts to talk...we have yet to catch her in a full-on conversation on camera. :( This is as close as we have gotten thus far.

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