Monday, December 27, 2010

Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum

So, Christmas was exactly how I imagined it would be-toys (especially for mommy & daddy-I'll explain later), travel, and family! It was so much fun this year with a little one. We woke up with Kaydee to eat at 6am & went ahead & got ready to head over to Mike's parents' house for the SANTA Christmas. We opened up all of our gifts there which included the most adorable Ladybug rocker for Kaydee and... can't wait... A NEW CAMERA!!! Mike and I have wanted a Digital SLR for years & could never justify spending the money when there are so many other things we need. That was our big Christmas present for the three of us-a NIKON D3100 SLR! :) I had a blast taking hundreds of pictures with our new camera which included a nice camera bag, an additional lens (55-200mm), and an extra capacity SD card.

After that, we left for the Strange's family Christmas which ALWAYS includes breakfast quiche and Christmas music. :) We opened our presents while Kaydee watched in amusement at all of the ruckus going on around her. Mike and I got an essential item all homeowners need-a blower!! After this fall, my parents decided we needed a blower over all else. We have trees in our yard & just kind of let the leaves fall where they may ... and left them, lol. It was too much trouble to keep cleaning leaves up, so we just let them stay...and stay they did and continue to do until the snow lets up.

I was very excited to look out the window at my parents' house to find that Kaydee's first Christmas would be a WHITE CHRISTMAS! It was too cold to take her out and enjoy it at her age, but we looked from the window and she seemed to appreciate it for the most part.

After that, we left for my Uncle Ed's house in Tallapoosa, GA. It was an hour ride in which Kaydee decided she would make us a present as soon as we left. Yes-the ride was a smelly one & we laughed at her laughing about it...she thought it was funny. I had hoped she would nap on the way there, but instead-she pooped. I had her in a cute little Christmas outfit with red snowflake tights & a red onesie with a jean jumper. That quickly came off when we had realized why the smell was so bad in the car! She had gone all over herself!

Such an eventful evening trying to get home in the ice while needing new tires, but we made it & sat home while playing video games and playing with our new toys on Christmas night.

This is what Christmas is all about-good times & enjoying it with family!

And to all a good night!

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  1. so fun :) glad yall had a wonderful Christmas. can't wait to see your pictures!