Sunday, January 2, 2011

What a year, what a life!

Well, as we wrap up the end of the most life changing year of my entire life, I have decided I am two things...grateful & full of love.

I never knew there was love so great as the one you feel for such a tiny soul that I call mine... Kathryn Brooke Summers.

2010 was such a wonderful year where I celebrated many moments:

The last day of 2009, I discovered I was going to be a mommy and looked so forward to that moment when I could meet her tiny face!

I celebrated my 24th birthday with so many of our friends.

We had a great time fixing up our nursery anticipating the arrival of our first child.

We had the birth of our perfect child on 8-29-10...the day our lives changed forever.

Later, we soon learned we would be expecting another baby (I say we, but it is actually another Baby Burfitt)! We are super stoked & can't wait to meet Jakson's new baby!

Kaydee started her first day of school and soon came down with her first illnesses which included a number of things...double ear infection, head cold, and RSV. NO FUN! But, she got through it (as did Mike and I) and she is now happy as can be!

Little Bug celebrated her first Thanksgiving & Christmas and had a White Christmas-first since 1881! (We didn't get any pics of her IN the snow-we were too scared of getting her sick again.)

My best friend, Christina came to visit us & meet baby Kathryn for the first time after Christmas. We had a very good time & laughed (as usual) and played like old times.

These are some VERY proud grandparents!

I hope 2011 brings as much joy to our lives as 2010 had.

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