Thursday, January 6, 2011

4 months

So, my little one had her 4 month check up yesterday...always a treat! :/ She had to get 3 vaccines, two of which were shot into her leg. I don't remember her being so tender last time in the shot spot, but this time has been terrible for her. The slightest graze by her leg & she screams in agony. It breaks me! The doctor also checked her ears since she is so congested this week & found the start of an ear fun. So, she is now on an antibiotic along with tylenol for her painful leg AND a probiotic to mix into her milk to counter act the yeast in the antibiotic. She is a walking medicine cabinet, I tell ya!

On a brighter note, she is a long one! She measure 25 inches & is in the 70th percentile for height! (YAY!-I always hoped my children would not get my stump syndrome.) She is 13.5 lbs & in the 50th percentile for weight and the poor thing looks as though she has a monsterous head, but really, it's quite small in the 25th percentile! She showed off her tricks & lack of tricks, lol. She doesn't roll over which she should be doing by now, so the doctor gave us some tips on how to promote the tummy time with her & to help her enjoy it more...she presently HATES tummy time & either cries or falls asleep while in that position. In the meantime, she did show off what the doctor called a VERY big girl trick by standing so sturdy & straight and even raising up on her toes while standing! (I'm so proud) So, at this point it seems my child will walk long before she learns to crawl, lol.

We also got the go ahead to start spoon-feeding again. She didn't seem to fare too well with it last time, so we are able to start it up again since she seems more than ready. I'll post pictures of that later. We didn't start it yesterday since she wasn't feeling too well, but we will give it a shot tonight with cereal.

At 4 months, Kaydee:

>Can do the Superman on her tummy for as long as she stays quiet. She tries to lift off her arms, but prefers to just lift her arms, chest & legs up.

>Drinks 4-5 oz of formula every 3-4 hours

>Gets a bath every night at 9pm & takes her bottle at 9:15ish to fall asleep by 9:45 and sleeps until about 3 or 4 and takes her bottle & goes back to sleep until we are ready to get up...we've had a couple of nights stretch to 5:30, but never an all-nighter.

>LOVES to stand...she will stand as long as you can handle letting her

>Giggles when you tickle her neck or armpits. I do kissy-monster in her neck & it gets her EVERY time. I love it! I think I wear her out with it, because she gets tired of it long before I do. :) I have even gotten a giggle from silly voices this week!

>Smiles SO much more...she loves to be changed on her changing table & will just lie there and talk to you.

>Loves to talk. So funny, because she usually looks so serious when she is talking like she is trying to have a serious conversation with you. We gossip about her friends at school, lol. She tells me ALL about them. :)

>Wears 3-6 month clothes (good thing-she has lots of them & they are SOOO cute). I think this size has the cutest of her wordrobe.

>She sits in her jumper with ease & loves to touch all of the colorful toys attached to it.

>HANDS HANDS HANDS! She LOVES to eat her hands, clasp her hands in front of her, and touch things.

>Slobbers like CRAZY. I thought the teething thing would wait a while, but she is chewing on everything she can hold. She blows LOTS of bubbles as dad even calls her BUBBLES. :)

We plan on putting Kaydee in her own bed starting this weekend. I hope she fares well.

Well, Mike is having his first poker night since Kaydee came along & we will see how it goes. I hope the boys aren't loud enough to wake her.

Till next update,

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