Monday, July 22, 2013

One year... Wait, it's been a FREAKING YEAR!?

Ok, so today marks one year since my last post! So much has happened in 365 days! Strange that I thought of logging on today! :) Kaydee started her first year of pre school at acworth united Methodist church. She attended twice a week for four hours a day. The first couple of days were rough, but by the end of the first week she was bummed about her days off. She is the youngest in her class being that the birthday cut off is September 1st and her birthday is August 29th. This made me nervous thinking she was going to be at a disadvantage, but she excelled! Her teachers always had great things to say about her (minus the occasional time out for not sharing...imagine that). Her second birthday party was a pj's & pancakes theme. We invited all of her friends over in their 'jamas and they topped silver dollar pancakes with their favorite toppings. It was such a fun idea and so easy to put together. We potty trained starting December 21st, and by Christmas she was fully potty trained. It took many accidents for days, but on the fourth day, it just clicked. ...and it was fabulous! For Gavyn's birthday, we were in Destin, FL for a soccer tournament and had cake and pizza on the beach with our soccer family. Mikey's team took home the gold and defeated top teams in the southeast. We were all so proud of him. :) We celebrated Gavyn's first birthday with a party in the park once we returned home. We reserved a pavilion at Oregon Park in Marietta and invited our best friends to join us for a cookout and fun! Gavyn started walking at thirteen months and hasn't slowed down since. He gets into everything and climbs over whatever is in his way... All boy for sure! It was so hard for me to imagine loving another child after I had loved another for so long, but we just...clicked. He is the absolute light of my life and keeps me on my toes for sure. We laugh and carry on all day, and he absolutely adores his big sister. We have had such a rainy much so that the fireworks for the fourth were postponed until the 19th and it still rained that day as well. Mike has decided to build Kaydee a big girl bed and it has turned out awesome!! I informed him of the fact that she needs to get off the floor mattress she has been sleeping on for six months and it is time to hunt for a perfect bed for our perfect little girl. He immediately found an amazing plan online for a playhouse loft bed. We have been working on it since the fourth of joy and finally completed the project today (with the exception of the stairs being done until we get a mattress so that we don't have little explorers adventuring through the slats up top). I am hoping to have it together this weekend. Can't wait for her to sleep in it for the first time. I am currently in the process of planning Kaydee's third birthday and I am just not believing how fast these last three years have flown by. I can honestly remember sitting on the stool in her nursery, seven months pregnant, watching mike arrange the furniture thinking, 'we are going to have our own little baby in here in two months'! I would stare into her crib and just imagine going in to get My happy, smiling baby each morning when she woke up and how exciting it would be to change her diapers on that very pad and using THESE little diapers on her sweet little bum and how sweet her cry would be. Looking back, I realize how silly that was because I was typically a zombie getting her out of bed because I had gotten no sleep the night before, or that I was rushing through diaper changes so that I could avoid the more-often-than-not peeing all over her cute clothes, and that her cry was much more of a screeching shrieking I'm gonna die if you don't pick me up or feed me right now cry. Although my sweet little hopes of motherhood turned out to be much different than I had expected, turns out, my life is just great and my children are absolutely perfect...for us! :) Until next time... Shalom!

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