Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kathryn Brooke Summers

Well, it's been a long time since I have HAD time to update. Mike and I are extremely busy planning, clearing, cleaning, working, and planning some more. Last time I updated was when we saw the heartbeat of our little one for the first time...enchanting. We went back on April 14 to find out what we were having the same day my mom had a hysterectomy & unable to was a long doctor's visit...

Our appointment was at 10:30am and I had borrowed a tape from my office to record the ultrasound---forgot the tape in my car. So, Mike and his mom dropped me off at doc & they went across to Target to buy a VHS tape...I was NOT going to miss this appointment as it was the only thing I could think of for weeks. They finally made it back & I still hadn't been brought back yet since the U/S tech was backed up.

When we finally got to go back to the 'magical room', we got a glimpse of our almost-fully formed bundle of joy. The tech got great shots of the spine & head as the baby was turned over on the stomach, so we looked over everything else before attempting to move south to get the gender. We jiggled, shook, & rattled my stomach to turn the baby over to no avail. Ugh...stubborn already. The more we shook the deeper the baby fell asleep. SO...

The tech had another appointment and so I had to go to the waiting room YET again and await the other appointment to be over. Mike and his mom went to Chick-fil-a to get orange juice & a kid's meal chicken nugget to try & get this baby to roll over. IT WORKED. I felt the baby do a roll & thought, "I WILL KNOW TODAY!"

The U/S tech was able to get an immediate reading as the baby had completely rolled over & turned to the other side. We were looking for 3 lines or a turtle...we saw three lines!! IT'S A GIRL!!! Kathryn Brooke Summers...named after my grandmother who passed away 3 years ago. Afterwards, we stopped by Northside Hospital to check on my mom & give my parents the news! :) Of course they were elated as I knew they would be.

I left the next day for a business trip to Dallas, TX and thought it to be my grandmother looking out for me that my hotel was attached to the galleria mall...BABY GAP! I bought Kaydee her first dress, blouse, & top. ADORABLE. 3 of many many many more clothes!

Because the tech was unable to see the bladder & stomach, we had to make another ultrasound appointment to be sure everything was functioning problemo...we got another glimpse of our baby girl. My mom was able to attend this ultrasound.

Over the next month, Mike and I have been cleaning out Kaydee's room (our office/storage/catch-all room)which hasn't been an easy feat. We have ALMOST gotten the room cleaned out and ready to put her furniture in!

Speaking of furniture...
Mike, my mom, Sue, and I went to the World's Largest Baby Shower this past weekend where I, of course, entered my name in every drawing available. It certainly paid off as I got a phone call today that I had won the prizes of all prizes (when you're an expectant mother)...a handcrafted crib! We weren't too crazy about the color-pink-but it was a prize & we loved it. The color has grown on us and after we have placed the bedding all over it actually looks really great. My entire image of her bedroom has changed from practical yet fun to WHIMSICAL!!! I'm cool with it...better get used to unplanned changes as I am sure I am in for many many more over the next part of my life. ;)