Monday, February 28, 2011

Girls Weekend & 6 mos

So, while Mike was away laying his grandpa to rest in Ohio, K bug and I had some nice alone time. We watched TV (caught up) and read books, applique'd shirts, and shopped. We shopped A LOT! My cousin is getting married & they are having a bridal shower, so I had to shop for a wedding gift! :) I love shopping for shower gifts. Kaydee did GREAT! She did a lot of reaching and feeling all over everything that caught her eye. If she couldn't reach it, she tried until I grabbed it & let her feel it. :) She is a doll.

Since February only has 28 days in it & my little was born on the 29th, I am celebrating her 6 mo birthday today! I am NOT even believing she is 6 months old already!! The time has FLOWN by & we are all but ready to have a mobile baby. I don't think I have much to worry about just yet since the little booger doesn't even attempt to roll over from tummy to back yet...she is so behind on this!!! I stress over it all the time & I keep hearing from my parents not to worry & that it will happen when she's ready, but I can't help but worry. Ugh-sorry-onto some better things. :)

At 6 mos, K bug is up to:

**Spitting! She spits all the time. When I get her up in the morning to get ready for school, she will barely even have her eyes open and she has started spitting. Not the gross manly spits that come from the back of their throats, but the little twerp spits that little kids do when they are being ugly. Only, Kaydee doesn't mean anything by it except that it tickles her lips & creates messes at dinner time. :)

**Wearing 6-12 month clothes. I put all of her 3-6 month clothes away-well, most of them. She officially outgrew them this past week when I was trying to squeeze her into my favorite outfit & realized it wasn't going anywhere. :( Summer clothes are so fun for girls, though. She is all set for summer!!!

**Trying to roll from back to tummy. She gets where her bottom is off the floor & her leg STARTS to push her over, but then she lets it go. It's going to happen soon, I think...but who knows.

**Sits up on her own for the most part. She can sit as long as she doesn't need her arms. She uses her abs amazingly, but once she starts getting unsteady & it's too much for her little core, she goes right over. I sometimes worry her arms have NO strength.

**Eating 2 meals a day from a spoon. I have started feeding her fruit in the mornings about an hour after her first bottle & veggies at night an hour before her last bottle. She does great, except for the first bullet above which makes meal time a little messier.

**Kisses kisses kisses. She gives kisses to daddy all the time. If Mike leans in for a peck on the cheek, she attempts to eat his face. :) We call them her kisses.

I don't have pics now, but we are going for pictures this weekend and I will have some then! :)


Friday, February 25, 2011

Just Me and My Girl

So, Mike left today Ohio-bound for his grandfather's funeral. His grandfather passed Tuesday morning. He was such a funny & sweet old man. We always looked forward to his stories that he would tell a few times in the couple hours we would spend with him on our trips to Ohio. (He had alzheimer's, you see) Mike needed to be there for his family, but since we just visited I stayed home with our girl.

This is the first time I will be alone at night with her & really the first weekend he is away leaving us without him! I was nervous this morning, because K sometimes takes two parents to handle her in the mornings. She will refuse to be put down with a toy to amuse herself while we get ready. This morning was not one of those mornings. It's almost as if she knew mommy was doing this alone, so be a good girl for her. She was just that-a very good girl. I even got to work early this morning as I set the alarm earlier anticipating a busy morning, but things went smooth & we were out the door in record time...hmmm-should Mike stay away more often?? Only kidding-I miss him so much already.

Even before we had a daughter, I hated when he had to leave me for periods of time longer than a work day or a soccer game. Now, I miss him when I just need a quick break to eat a bowl of cereal knowing Mike has our girl & so I won't have to put my bowl down for it only to get soggy & unedible. No bowls of cereal this weekend. We have a very needy girl. She likes attention & loves attention from daddy. I love that she loves her daddy. :)

We will get through this weekend & we will have fun & play outside & enjoy this beautiful weather & maybe shop for some more summer clothes & go get some yogurt at our new favorite place-Yogli Mogli. It's going to be a mommy-daughter weekend-Our first of many more to come over the next hundred years or so. ;)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pics & Such

So, last post there weren't any new pictures that I had uploaded from my camera, so I thought I would jump on & give a couple of pictures! :)

First of all, a pic of K Bug and her Great Granny Carol with daddy.



Also, she had her first soccer tournament this weekend where her daddy took home the championship trophy!! :) (Her first tournament of MANY, I am so sure!) She did ok, but got a little fussy after a while. She is CURRENTLY zonked out in her carseat and hasn't moved a bit since we've been home...45 mins ago!! I am pretty certain she has allergies as she has some nice slimy stuff coming from one of her eyes which is watering uncontrollably and red. Looks like a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Hopefully, she will be old enough to start on some allergy meds. We'll see!




More Pics:




Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ohio Whirlwind Weekend

Ok, so Kaydee went on her first trip this past weekend to visit Mike's familiy in Ohio.

We got a call from Ken (Mike's dad) saying Mike's Grandma Curtice wasn't doing very well & we really wanted her to meet our little Kaydee and vice versa. We decided it was the right time to take on an 8-hour drive to Springfield, Ohio. We typically stay with his grandmother, but this time we stayed with his Aunt Sharon since it wasn't the best idea to possibly keep Granny Carol up with a crying baby (not that she cries a lot, but you NEVER know!).

We were able to visit the entire Summers/Curtice gang and they all got to meet our little doodle bug! She was a great trooper on the way up, only crying the last 15 minutes of the trip. We teased Sue (Mike's mom) that Springfield was just 15 minutes too far away, ha! She did get way off her schedule of sleeping through the night, which she had mastered before we left for vacation and has YET to pick it back up. We are working on a couple hours of sleep each day! I sure hope this thing gets gone FAST!

So, the way home wasn't as sunny as the way up, but we made it home safe & sound with plenty of time to celebrate Valentine's day with my mom (dad left for a work trip on Sunday, 2/13) enjoying a chinese dinner & conversation.

No pictures in this post, but there will be a picture post to come soon.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

First Trip

Mike, Kaydee, and I are going on our first family trip this weekend (K Bug's first trip ever). It was a last-minute decision to make it up to Ohio so Kaydee gets the chance to meet her great-grandmother Curtice (Mike's mom's mom). We found out in September that she was sick and with Kaydee being so little we didn't want to attempt an 8-hour drive to Springfield, OH. It's become necessary. We won't be gone for long, but we will be sure to make it a memorable trip. Mike's family has yet to meet our little girl, and I am SURE they will be blown away by her...her giggles, her grins, her grimaces, her everything. She is our everything.


Safe Travels to us-