Friday, February 25, 2011

Just Me and My Girl

So, Mike left today Ohio-bound for his grandfather's funeral. His grandfather passed Tuesday morning. He was such a funny & sweet old man. We always looked forward to his stories that he would tell a few times in the couple hours we would spend with him on our trips to Ohio. (He had alzheimer's, you see) Mike needed to be there for his family, but since we just visited I stayed home with our girl.

This is the first time I will be alone at night with her & really the first weekend he is away leaving us without him! I was nervous this morning, because K sometimes takes two parents to handle her in the mornings. She will refuse to be put down with a toy to amuse herself while we get ready. This morning was not one of those mornings. It's almost as if she knew mommy was doing this alone, so be a good girl for her. She was just that-a very good girl. I even got to work early this morning as I set the alarm earlier anticipating a busy morning, but things went smooth & we were out the door in record time...hmmm-should Mike stay away more often?? Only kidding-I miss him so much already.

Even before we had a daughter, I hated when he had to leave me for periods of time longer than a work day or a soccer game. Now, I miss him when I just need a quick break to eat a bowl of cereal knowing Mike has our girl & so I won't have to put my bowl down for it only to get soggy & unedible. No bowls of cereal this weekend. We have a very needy girl. She likes attention & loves attention from daddy. I love that she loves her daddy. :)

We will get through this weekend & we will have fun & play outside & enjoy this beautiful weather & maybe shop for some more summer clothes & go get some yogurt at our new favorite place-Yogli Mogli. It's going to be a mommy-daughter weekend-Our first of many more to come over the next hundred years or so. ;)

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