Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ohio Whirlwind Weekend

Ok, so Kaydee went on her first trip this past weekend to visit Mike's familiy in Ohio.

We got a call from Ken (Mike's dad) saying Mike's Grandma Curtice wasn't doing very well & we really wanted her to meet our little Kaydee and vice versa. We decided it was the right time to take on an 8-hour drive to Springfield, Ohio. We typically stay with his grandmother, but this time we stayed with his Aunt Sharon since it wasn't the best idea to possibly keep Granny Carol up with a crying baby (not that she cries a lot, but you NEVER know!).

We were able to visit the entire Summers/Curtice gang and they all got to meet our little doodle bug! She was a great trooper on the way up, only crying the last 15 minutes of the trip. We teased Sue (Mike's mom) that Springfield was just 15 minutes too far away, ha! She did get way off her schedule of sleeping through the night, which she had mastered before we left for vacation and has YET to pick it back up. We are working on a couple hours of sleep each day! I sure hope this thing gets gone FAST!

So, the way home wasn't as sunny as the way up, but we made it home safe & sound with plenty of time to celebrate Valentine's day with my mom (dad left for a work trip on Sunday, 2/13) enjoying a chinese dinner & conversation.

No pictures in this post, but there will be a picture post to come soon.


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