Thursday, August 18, 2011

One Craziness After Another

Ok, so I haven't posted in a while due to my hectic life, but I really want to get back into doing this as I have noticed that it keeps track of my little one's milestones & life in general.

We took baby boo to the zoo a couple of weeks ago & she actually enjoyed herself. It was hot (as expected in July in Atlanta), but bearable. Her favorite exhibit was the warthogs-go figure, lol. She just stared at them until we finally rolled her away to move on. I love going on family outings and find it's very important to do so to keep our family unit tight.

I have been planning a birthday party for the past month and I am trying my best not to let it stress me out. I am trying to also not let it get too big without hurting anyone's feelings. I have decided to hold 2 parties so that we are not overwhelming little-bit. :) August 28 with be with family and a couple of friends while September 3 will be with her friends. I am just realizing that her birthday party could easily be on Labor Day weekend for the rest of her life! :) That makes for a weekend of partying, lol. ;)

She has been up to a lot lately now that she is approaching her 1st birthday!
**SHE TOOK HER FIRST STEPS LAST NIGHT!!! I wasn't able to get it on camera as it was a spur of the moment ... well, moment and I didn't want to personally miss it, so we just didn't capture it on film. It will, however, be captured in our memories forever. :) They were only a few steps at a time, but I have a feeling with more practice and hard work, we could have a walker by her birthday!!!

**Size 12-18 month clothes. She has outgrown all but a few 6-12 month outfits and is completely in all 12-18 month clothes.

**Climbing stairs. She started one day while I was cleaning the kitchen and I heard nothing but silence...never a good sign. I walked around the corner & she was halfway up the stairs!!! I freaked out & demanded a baby gate. ;) She HATES the baby gate...basically-she hates boundaries! lol

I know I am in much need of a picture post & will try to do that in the next couple of days when I get a chance. :)


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