Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day First

I am a Mother's Day first. We celebrated Mother's day with mine & Mike's mothers and as I mentioned to Mike yesterday, it was a strange feeling being included this year. Last year I was with child and trying to make myself a part of the day, but wasn't quite. This year, it was a different feeling. I felt as though I was really a part of something that I had looked up to for years. It was a nice morning which started off with a whiny baby who ended up snuggled between us at 2 in the morning from the painful cries of teething. She woke us up early and on my nightstand waiting for me was a beautiful note & poem from my husband and a sweet baby girl playing with my face gently (that's odd for her-it's normally a squeezing and painful grab at your face). It was a grand morning. We went to eat Cracker Barrel with Mike's parents and followed it up with a visit with my mom. She was alone since my dad was working & my brothers do their own thing on weekends.

I have pictures to post later...


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