Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So, K had her 6 month check up yesterday and everything seemed to go great. She showed off her cute self by sitting up all by herself without the use of her arms & the doctor was impressed. She is also almost rolling over from her back to stomach (which is apparently harder than tummy to back). She did get 2 shots & the rotavirus vaccine & took the shots great. Her little legs seem to be a little sore this morning, so I put her in a sweet little dress to let her legs be free at school. She is eating great & growing right on target.

Update: She is 16.5 lbs (75%), 26 inches (50%), 16.5 head cir (50%)...her percentile totally changed, but the doctor said she is doing fantastic!

I have also signed up for a sewing class at Jo-Ann's. I have been trying to learn & since Mike's mom is pretty busy working & basically raising 2 kids I thought I should just do this on my own. (Well, with the help of a class). When Mike's Grandmother died, she gave me her really nice sewing machine which has a computer in it, so I really needed to get to learning on how to use it! :) I should start off by learning to use my simple sewing machine Mike got me 2 Christmas' ago. I am so so excited! :)

My 25th birthday is also coming up & we typically do a big celebration whether it be a party or a big dinner out somewhere, but this year, I think we are going to keep it low-key...first time in a LONG time. :) I am just so glad I get to celebrate with my little Bug!!

This past weekend we went to Dawsonville to go shopping at the Outlet mall up there. Mike got a bunch of new clothes & items as did Kaydee. I couldn't find anything that struck me, so I left with a cute pair of $1 Adidas winter gloves. :)

Other than that, we had a pretty low-key week this week & hope this weather clears up & warms up so we can get our little boogy outside to play! I want to get her a toddler swing to use for our front porch.


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